Global Woman Highlight | Jane Schmitz

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Global Woman Highlight | Jane Schmitz

My name is Jane Schmitz, I have been serving in Africa since 1986, but just transitioned to Montreal, Canada. I am a church planting assistant involved in evangelism, discipleship, women’s ministries, teacher training. God keeps sending me to city ministries: two cities in Africa and now the international city of Montreal. I have been in Yaoundé, Cameroon and am presently in transition to the new place of service of Montreal among Africans and Haitians immigrants.

Please pray for:

  • Wisdom for the many decisions
  • Help with the transitions
  • Easy adaptation to  a new way of living
  • God’s direction to meet seekers who desire to know Him
  • More people of Montreal to know Christ
  • Courage to face climate changes



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  • Marla Allston

    I first came to know Jane when we were in language school together in Quebec in 1986. Jane and I were in the same class our second semester there. Though she was far ahead of me in her ability in French, she patiently taught and helped this slow learner. What a blessing it was to be in Togo, W. Africa with her, working on the weekends in the same little bush church! I am thankful to WOTH for the blessing of attending a retreat in CO a couple of summers ago. I was so surprised when I walked into the hotel and saw Jane! So, thank you to “Thrive” for the many ways you minister to many!