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  Picture Praise Photography by: Julie Taylor        

North Africa, Jan 2013 – There are many wonderful doors like this one in North Africa.  They come in all different sizes and colors-all interesting works of art!  I was on vacation and thoroughly enjoying learning about a different culture, eating delicious food, and roaming the streets.  I wondered, what lies behind this door?  What kind of joy and pain, family dynamics, current situation, or business was going on?  Doors represent boundaries.  Sometimes the boundaries are set by us, sometimes by others.  But, ultimately, God is in control.  Let us continually knock & ask Him to open doors-to His wisdom, to every room in our hearts, and to reach the lost.  He will show us and give good things.  We simply need to ask.


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My name is Julie Taylor. I am from New Braunfels, TX and a graduate of Texas A&M University and Dallas Theological Seminary. I have been serving with Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) for 11 years, doing ministry with students - 6 years in Central Asia, 3 at Texas A&M, and now working in leadership development/human resources at our headquarters in Orlando, FL. Thank you for taking time to read. I love seeing God in the different cultures and peoples of the world and am passionate for His Name to be glorified! May His Kingdom Come in our hearts and to all nations, as we serve unto Him with increasing joy, unity, and maturity!

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