At age 8, after living two years in Haiti, I informed the cross-cultural doctor that someday I would return and do her job. Many miracles and years later I did gratefully return to work as a cross-cultural doctor, accompanied by my husband and son. The Lord used my childhood struggles of homeschooling and dyslexia to bring me to Him. As a wife, mom, homeschool teacher, and doctor, the Lord used the pressures of life to refine me, strengthening my relationship with Him. The Lord blessed us with a daughter and recently started us on the journey to adopt.

We partner though Global Partners with Haitian Christians, helping them with training and resources: spiritual, agricultural, and medical to be better equipped to reach others with the love of God. After nine years of focusing on medical work the Lord moved us to a second location in Haiti where my husband educates on sustainable agriculture while trying to introduce new trees and plants to increase food production. My current ministry focuses on teaching our children [now 16 and 12] while working on a Creole health book and plant/agricultural book and other supportive tasks.

Only God’s grace and the prayers of faithful partners brought us through 15 years [and counting] of ministry in Haiti. Through spiritual warfare, political instability, hurricanes, earthquakes, cholera etc. the Lord remains faithful to His Children. Please continue to pray for the Haitian Christians as they strive with joy to witness to those still held in fearful bondage about the freedom found through faith in our Savior.

Prayer Requests:

  • for Haitian Christians to remain firm and growing in their faith while working to expand the Kingdom, especially pray that the young people do not drift away from the faith
  • for all staff to hear His voice clearly, maintaining the priorities that God wants us to focus on so we can finish well.
  • for clear, honest communication, between and within cultures
  • pray against burnout and for wisdom needed to make the decisions that allow for heathy long term ministry and healthy family life
  • for protection from the evil one’s attacks…for our children to thrive: spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically
  • for Christians in the Haitian government and leadership to remain strong in the fight
  • for our family to match with the little ones God has for us and bring him/her home in His timing. [Pray for patience for us]  Pray for the Haitian Government as they work to improve the adoption process to protect Haitian families and children.
  • for my study to prepare for US family practice medical boards in April 2014
  • that I can continue to mature in my faith, replacing negative thoughts or attitudes with positive ones to encourage others and give the Lord all the glory and honor for my life


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