2014 Winter Middle East Retreat | Anticipating

02-18-14-RB-Anticipating-1Our morning starts with a walk on the beach, watching the sunrise. Awaiting the day to begin, I pray, “What is in front of us Lord?” My anticipation matches what we are all feeling; excitement, questions of preparedness, prayer for God’s presence and protection. “I sense a nervous anticipation in me, yet I’m so honored to be here, Lord. Please let us glorify you!”

The first attendees I meet have excitement in their eyes and gratitude in their words as they thank me for coming to provide this retreat for them.

The room is busy with excitement while they sign up for pampering sessions. What to do? In what order? Massage, a hair cut, pedicure, color analysis, prayer, counseling, exercise, art therapy? Their schedules are getting full!

As I look around the room, I see that some attendees look tired and weary even though they are excited to finally be at the retreat and sign up for their pampering options. I watch and wait to see God work throughout this time together.

Retreat Volunteer

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