2014 Winter Middle East Retreat | Sharing

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2014 Winter Middle East Retreat | Sharing
    Photography by: Mary Ellen Payken      

DSC04811Just as this morning’s crisp, rain-cleansed air greeted us in Antalya today, the volunteer team hopes to provide the women coming to the retreat a cleansing, renewing experience. In assembling the wonderful gifts we brought for the attendees,  I couldn’t help but think of the many gifts each volunteer hopes to share. The gift of prayer, counsel, beauty  and fun will be even more meaningful than the physical items wrapped up in bows.

Our hotel faces the Mediterranean Sea. The ebb and flow of the waves represent the past as we walk the same locale as some of the forefathers of our faith. The unchanging ocean shows us that our work for God goes on. May He bless the women on our volunteer team and the attendees as each one gives the unique and special gifts she’s been given to share, contributing to what God has been doing in this region for centuries.

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