‘First Love’ Life – Lesson 14


A. As we study I John 5, we see Jesus as the apex of God’s love. He is eternal life. This week we will focus on verses highlighting these truths. Read John 3:16 two to three times and embrace the life given to you in and through the Son of God (you may want to write it in your journal).

B. I John was written for believers to assure them of their salvation. False spirits were teaching that Jesus was just a man, not God incarnate. John makes it very clear in his concluding statements how we can be confident we are saved.

1. Read I John 5:1-5. What does verse 1 say happens to those who believe in Jesus?
a. What does I Corinthians 12:3 say?
b. What does I John 4:15 say about acknowledging Jesus as the Son of God?
c. What question can we ask to determine if we are born of God?

2. I John 5:1b says that if we love God, we will love his children. What seems to be the source for this love?
a. What does I John 5:2 say about how we can really love others?
b. What does obeying God’s commands show?

3. Read I John 5:3 again. John seems to be repeating himself. Write out the first sentence of this verse.

4. Is there any question left in your mind how we are to love God? Share your thoughts.

5. Read I John 5:3-5 again. How do we overcome the world? (the sinful pattern of this world that leads to death)

6. Summarize these verses:
a. I John 2:22
b. I John 4:2
c. I John 5:1


Life Points . . .

  1. Are you clear about who is saved and who lives in God? The Bible is very clear on this. Read verses 1-5 again, praying as you read. Discuss these truths with your Heavenly Father.
  2. Begin memorizing I John 5:2.





A. Read John 3:14-15 two to three times. Thank your Heavenly Father for the gift of eternal life given to you through His Son. Write these verses in your journal.

B Read I John 5:6-12. Water represents Jesus’ baptism, blood represents His death on the cross. This passage may be a little confusing because we are not in the context of this period. That’s okay. Answer the questions and absorb the overall message.

1. What three things testify to the truth of Jesus? (I John 5:7)
a. I John 5:9 says what?
b. What does verse 10 tell us?
c. Is John confident that Jesus is God?

2. John sums it all up in verses 11 and 12. Read them slowly, out loud.
a. Who has given us eternal life?
b. Where is eternal life found?
c. Who has eternal life?
d. Who does not?

3. What does John 3:36 say?

4. What does John 3:16 say about what God has done for us?

5. Why did Jesus come according to John 3:17?

6. What does John 17:3 say about eternal life?

7. What does knowing God bring to us according to the following verses:
a. Psalm 16:11
b. Psalm 21:6
c. Psalm 37:4


Life Points . . .

  1. There is no joy in eternal life apart from knowing and loving God. He made us His children through the death of His Son. We have everything to gain in knowing Him! He is love. Jesus prayed that you would know Him. Do you? Ask God to increase your desire to know Him, love Him, and obey Him. Write out I John 5:11-12 in your journal. Write a response to the Lord.
  2. Continue memorizing I John 5:2.




A. Read I Timothy 1:15-16. Again we see Jesus as the apex of God’s love and that by believing in Jesus alone, we, as sinners, will receive this undeserved gift of eternal life. Humbly thank your Heavenly Father for showing you mercy and providing His Son as the way to eternally live in His presence.

B. Read I John 5:13-15. Why did John write these things? (verse 13)

  1. To whom did he write?
  2. How can we be confident that our prayers will be heard? (verse 14)
  3. What will be the outcome of these prayers?
  4. How do we know that we are praying according to His will?


C. What are some other conditions on prayer according to the following verses?

  1. Mark 11:24
  2. John 14:14
  3. John 15:7
  4. Mark 11:25
  5. I John 3:22
  6. James 4:3


D. What do you learn about the Son of God from the following verses?

  1. Mark 1:35
  2. Luke 6:12
  3. Luke 11:1


Life Points . . .

  1. The Bible is clear that God hears our prayers, however, our prayers must be true according to the Word of God. He can only answer in alignment with His character and purpose. Do you struggle with prayer? Open His Word and make it a two-way conversation. Write this quote from Oswald Chambers in your journal. “Prayer does not equip for greater works – prayer is the greater work.” Record your thoughts.
  2. Continue memorizing I John 5:2.




A. Read John 5:24. Continue to praise your Heavenly Father for providing His Son, Jesus, as the only way of receiving the gift of eternal life.

B. Read I John 5:16-21. The sin that leads to death is rejecting the fact that Jesus is the Son of God (I John 5:12).

1. The term for “brother” in this passage (as in I John 2:9) does not mean the general term as used in “the brotherhood of all mankind,” but refers to “our brother in Christ.” What should we do when we see a brother or sister sinning?

2. There is sin that does not lead to death because Jesus’ blood covers those sins as we trust Him to be our Savior. Sin will always be a temptation for us. “Continues to sin” means continually choosing to sin. What does I John 5:18 say?
a. Why can’t the evil one harm believers?
b. How can this give you confidence?

3. Read verse 20 carefully. Why has the Son of God come?
a. What does John 17:3 say about eternal life?
b. Why does Jesus make the Father known to believers?

4. What does I John 5:20 say about what is true?
a. Who are we “in”?
b. What has happened to our life according to Colossians 3:3?

5. What final warning does John give his listeners? (I John 5:21)


Life Points . . .

  1. John has shown us that God is light, God is love, and God is life. What else is there? He is our source for everything. Will you make a conscious decision to be totally devoted to God? Jesus said we are to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. John has shown us how to walk in the light. In your journal, if you are ready, write a statement of commitment to God.
  2. Keep memorizing I John 5:2.






A. Read I John 5:11-14. Praise our gracious God for His sacrificing His Son so that we may have this gift of eternal life. Do you know for certain that you have eternal life? If you believe in the name of the Son of God, Jesus, then you can have confidence that you do have eternal life!

B. Today, you are going to be challenged to do something a little different. Have fun with it but at the same time take it very seriously. It’s important that we know how to clearly communicate truth to others.

C. Review your lessons 10 – 13 from ‘First Love’ Life. Look back at your Wrapping Up This Week pages and take note on what you have learned. Now, draft a letter to someone you love or care about by using the outline below. Choose someone whom you feel does not have a clear picture of who Jesus is or why He came. Ask God to fill you with His grace and truth before you begin writing.

1. What I have been studying

2. What I have been learning (choose at least 3)
a. Who Jesus is
b. Why He came
c. How I came to be His child
d. What the consequences in my life are because of this relationship
e. How this has affected my relationship with others
f. How this has affected my relationship with the things of this world

3. What I would like you to know

4. Closing remarks
Take your time; you are investing in eternity!


Life Points . . .

  1. Is there someone you feel God wants you to communicate the truth to? What is the testimony that God has placed in your heart? Pray about this, and be willing to step out on faith in obedience. Joy will fill you.
  2. Review all your memory verses for I John. Recite I John 5:2.


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