May the God of hope fill us (the attendees and volunteers) with joy and fill us up with peace, so that our believing lives, filled with the life-giving energy of the Holy Spirit will brim over with hope (Romans 15:13).

Father, thank you for the great team of volunteers that You have directed to come to Antalya. Thank you for Linda, Mary Ellen, Bette, and Patty’s passion for prayer. Give them keen sensitivity and responsiveness to your Spirit in how/what to pray. Protect them in Jesus’ name, from any interference. (They will meet with women one on one for 45 minutes). We praise you for Amanda, Joan, and Terri our hairstylists and Rachel and Hannah our massage therapists! Please grant them strength, endurance and divine appointments.

May the team “look out” for each other, being a real source of encouragement; as they model unity to the attendees.  Lord, we pray that the volunteers will be intentional in taking time to slow down and connect deeply with You, asking that You give them healthy margins (spiritually, physically and emotionally) before they leave to give of themselves in ways they never imagined in Antalya. We cover them in the powerful name of Jesus.

Lord we lift up Lebanon. This small country has suffered greatly over the last couple of months. Yet, Father God, we thank you for the remarkable openness to spiritual things in the 1990’s in the Muslim, Druze, and Christian communities. Lebanon is still the only land in the Middle East where anyone is legally free to change their religious affiliation. Believers from most other Arab countries can more freely come to Lebanon for training. We pray that religious freedom might be maintained and that radical elements within the country won’t destroy that. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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