I am truly so happy to share
In the wonderful joy of your news.
But I think, with me here and you there—
Well, it’s not quite the way I would choose.

I was learning to live with the fact
That our lives took us so far apart,
But this news makes me want to come back,
Hold you close—and not just in my heart.

We’re already impossibly far,
But the miles just got longer, I fear.
How I wish I could be where you are!
But I know that the Lord has me here.

So I ask Him to be with you now;
Keep you safe ‘til I see you again.
Someday we’ll be together somehow,
And He’ll be with us both until then.


©2014 Thrive.


Question to consider:  What are some of the things that bring you joy yet make the distance seem great while serving cross-culturally?