I am Jody Hudak.  When people ask where I am from, I hesitate for a bit before saying that I was born and raised in Western NY (NOT the city), lived 10 years of my married life in Greensboro, NC (where my husband, Keith, was a youth pastor), almost one year in Edinburg, TX where we attended language school, and have spent the last 11 years ministering alongside Keith church planting in the suburbs of Madrid, Spain.  I am a mom of 3.  Our daughter is a junior in the Biology program of LeTourneau University in Longview, TX.  And our two sons are here with us in Spain attending the Evangelical Christian Academy (a senior and a sophomore).  I love animals, reading, and baking.

What I do is a bit harder to define.  I am a church planting cross-cultural mom, not necessarily in that order.  I do all the things every other mom does (between the home and school), plus I teach English as a Second Language courses/camps, I teach Baking American Desserts classes, I attempt to play the keyboard in our new church plant, I try to find other ways to reach out into the community and make contacts/friends (coffee, walking, etc.), and I am the secretary/assistant to Keith.

We live in the Southeast suburbs of Madrid, in a Pueblo called Los Hueros, Villalbilla.  Our new ministry center, Strong Tower, is in the neighboring town of Torres de la Alameda, and our target area includes those two plus 5 other nearby towns that have no gospel witness.

We are just two months into our new church plant, so that brings up a host of prayer requests.  Pray for provision.  Getting the new center up and running (legally and to city code) has been exhausting and expensive.  We thank God that he is Jehovah Jirah.  Pray for us to be a light in a dark place.  The work is hard.  Pray that we will know how to reach our towns with the love of God.  Pray for hearts to be softened and open to Him.  Pray for our faith to be strong, for our strength to be renewed, and for souls to be saved.


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