Come Away with Me

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Come Away with Me
  Picture Praise Photography by: Sue DeVries        

Although the view out your bedroom window or your balcony may look very bleak, all of us surely have one spot where we can sit and be quiet, looking at something of beauty. Whether it is a single palm tree, a green space, a flower, or even just a smooth stone, meeting with God in this quiet place day after day can change it into a garden like the Garden of Eden.  It can be your place to walk with God and talk to Him about all that is troubling you.  He wants to hear your thoughts and fears. So pull up a chair and keep your appointment with God.


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My name is Susan Bergman De Vries. I left the United States in 1968 on my first summer missions trip, left again as a young wife in 1972, and have since then lived in Ghana, Costa Rica, Mindanao (Philippines), Kenya, and now Cyprus in the E.U. We have 3 daughters, born on 3 different continents, and now all 3 and their husbands are working in 3 different missions, in Mozambique and Brazil. All 10 of my grandchildren speak Portuguese (or will when they learn to talk) which my husband and I do not. Bummer, huh?

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