Hi, I’m Amanda Ferris.  I was born and raised in Minnesota and Dublin, Ireland.  I’m a passionate educator and follower of Jesus.  You can read more about me and my experiences at aferriswheel.blogspot.com

I teach at the International Christian School of Budapest.  My classroom of 2nd graders is full of TCK’s  (MK’s & internationals) and nationals. In my two years teaching here I’ve had students from or who identify with the following cultures -USA, Canadian, Finnish, Chinese, Romanian, Hungarian, Russian, German, Australian and Indian.

Prayer Requests
– Please pray for rest, renewal, and support raising during my summer home assignment in the USA.
– Please pray for a smooth transition upon returning to Hungary in August
– Please pray for wisdom and grace to teach my new class of students.  Pray that they will come to personally know Jesus and choose to follow him.


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