Another Christmas far from home,
Not where we want, but not alone.
We find in Christmas—near or far—
The joy that You are where we are.

Like kings who came a king to find,
We left our fathers’ lands behind.
Though we left much, we cannot ignore
That You, our King, left so much more.

You left the sinless, ceaseless praise
Where seraphim avert their gaze.
You joined us in our sin-cursed dust
To take on flesh as God with Us.

You lay in straw, a helpless babe,
Whose hands would heal, whose blood would save,
Whose voice now cried, whose mother hushed
And held the Gift of God with Us.

Immanuel Your name was called,
Who made the world before You crawled,
Who came to die that You might save
The men whom Your own hands had made.

Wrapped in the veil of human skin
So much like us, yet without sin,
You came to break the pow’r of hell,
The Gift of Life—Immanuel.

What blood of bulls could not achieve
You came that sinners might receive;
You offered what they never could—
One sacrifice for sins, for good.

Forgiven souls throughout the earth
Now celebrate Your humble birth.
Though far from home, in You we trust,
And thank You, Lord, for God with Us.

On this, another silent night,
The stars may hide, but hope shines bright.
It’s Christmastime, and all is well,
For we have You—Immanuel.


@2013 Thrive.


Question to consider: How have you seen God with Us, Immanuel in your life lately?