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My 6th graders gather around the table in excitement to see what lesson I have planned for them today.  I choose three volunteers and ask each one to make something specific: one a tree, one a pencil, and one a table.  The other children gather around telling them how to do it.  The class then sits down and I ask the question: the pencil and table are made from wood which comes from the tree, but who made the tree?  Their answer: God did!  Right answer!  I then begin our lesson on Creation… “In the beginning, God made the heavens and the earth….God saw everything He had made and said it was very good.”


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I'm from Orange County, California and have 1 daughter and 1 granddaughter still living there. I began cross-cultural work 1st in Bucharest, Romania in May 2006 as a house mom to 8 teen orphan boys. I was then led to Dumaguete, Philippines April 4, 2008. The Lord’s calling on my life is to teach English using the Holy Bible; and the Lord God has opened up doors for me to teach in the public schools here for the past 3 years. I get to share the love of God specifically in the mountain region called Maningcao (ma-NING-cow) to 6th graders and have many opportunities to evangelize everywhere I go. I'm with Pastoral Training of Asia and they print gospel tracts in the local dialects here and I use these to evangelize in the Visayan language. I'm also part of the Hospital Ministry here where a team of us go in to the provincial hospital and preach the gospel and pray with the patients. I am truly grateful to serve the Lord and the Filipino people in this way.

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