Jesus Tells Us How to Live in Him

This week are going to continue our intense search into the heart of God. In Lesson 5 we saw how resolute the Son of Man was to accomplish what He came to earth to do. We’ve seen His humble entry into our world, and we’ve watched His compassionate heart reach out to the lost and hurting. Now we are going to focus in on His last 24 hours of human life. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes and heart to new or fresh pearls He wants to give you.




Read John 12:44-50. Jesus states again why He came and the unchangeable truth of His life.


A. Make a list of the unchanging facts Jesus carefully lays out in this passage.
For example: v.44“When a person believes in Me, it’s not just Me they believe in, but in God who sent Me.”


B. Do any of His statements surprise you or make you feel uncomfortable? Share your thoughts:


Life Points . . .

  1. Ask the Lord to imprint these facts in your mind and heart. Obviously Jesus was speaking to please the Father and not the crowd. What do you learn from Him?
  2. Do you ever ignore what you sense the Father is telling you to say to someone? (‘Hearing from God’ is a huge topic, so keep it simple as you consider this question.)
  3. What new or fresh insight did you embrace today? Talk to God about it.





What we studied on Day One is the end note of Jesus’ public ministry. He now goes to a private place with His disciples. Slowly read the account in John 13:1-17.


A. What immediately stands out to you?


B. For the purpose of this study, we are going to focus on Jesus’ role here more than the people He served (i.e. Peter, or Judas). We learned yesterday that when we see Jesus, we see God (12:45).

From verses 1-5
Facts about Jesus Insights into the heart of God

From verses 6-11
Facts about Jesus Insights into the heart of God


C. After Jesus washes their feet, he gets dressed and teaches His disciples (and us) the importance of putting His Word into practice. What He is describing goes back to our study of Luke 9: Death to self, Life in Him. Listen carefully to His plan for us as He teaches it in John 13:12-17.

  1. What is His overall instruction?
  2. What example did He set?
  3. Why should we serve one another in such humble, even menial ways?
  4. Think about how different this teaching would be if Jesus said, “Hey, here’s an idea you might want to try sometime.” Remember, He only has a few hours left with these disciples. How firm was He on this? Share your thoughts:
  5. So, when we demand to be served, rather than to serve, what is really going on?
  6. What promise does Jesus give us in verse 17?
  7. Do you think we get this? John sure did. Read part of his letter to the church in 1 John 4:7-12 and 1 John 3:16-18. What defines our “one-ness” with Christ?


Life Points . . .

  1. What thoughts from our study today do you need to meditate more on?
  2. When you hear Jesus say that we too must lay down our lives as He did, what comes to your mind?
  3. When you think about the Creator King unclothing Himself and stooping down to wash dirty feet, how do respond?
  4. What is God’s Word (Jesus) saying to you? Can you hear Him ask you from verse 12, “Do you understand what I have done for you?”





I’m slowing it down so you can DIG for pearls! Refresh your memory by reviewing days one and two. Jesus continues His final words with His disciples. Listen in as you read John 13:31-38.


A. Verses 31-32 sound a bit confusing in most translations, and it is! Jesus is speaking of the glory of His death (the cross) in the plan of the Father. The New Living Translation words it this way: “The time has come for me, the Son of Man, to enter into my glory, and God will receive glory because of all that happens to me. And God will bring me into my glory very soon.” Now refer to John 17:1-5. (Remember this from Lesson One?) What is this glory Jesus is speaking of?


B. Read verses 33-35 again. Jesus gives a final (new) command. What is it?

  1. What does this reveal to you about the heart of God?
  2. Read John 14:21-23. What does Jesus state here?
  3. So, when we choose to love one another, who are we loving first?
  4. And what will this love reveal according to John 13:35 (see also John 17:22-23)?


C. Jesus has focused on the old command on several occasions. Now, He is turning a bit of a corner. Look back at the old command as described through a parable He taught. Read Luke 10:25-37.

  1. What does the “expert in the law” ask Jesus in verse 25?
  2. How does Jesus respond to the expert in verse 26?
  3. His answer?
  4. What does the expert ask in verse 29?
  5. What does Jesus ask the expert in verse 36?
  6. His answer?
  7. Mercy. Compassion. What does Jesus say at the end of verse 37?


D. So, when Jesus talks about loving one another, He is expounding on this principle, but He is defining it a bit more. Do you see it? What is the new command (John 13:34)?


E. How is this new command different from the ancient one? Give thought to your answer and respond below:


F. Jesus states the new command again in John 15:12-13. What does He say?


Life Points . . .

  1. How is loving others as Jesus loves us different than loving them like we love ourselves (think of the golden rule)?
  2. Laying down our lives. What does that look like?
  3. When is the last time you sacrificially loved someone outside of your immediate family?
  4. What hinders us from loving this way?
  5. Jesus makes a lot of promises to His children who choose to obey His commands: full joy, overflowing joy, great peace, blessed living. Why do we hesitate?
  6. If you can, kneel before His Word and read John 13:34 again. What is God’s Word, Jesus, saying to you?




DAY FIVE AND Wrapping Up This Week


Let’s not rush past what the Holy Spirit may be teaching us. Walk back through your study this week. Respond in prayer to the Lord.


Day One: (only use helps to prompt you if you need them. Feel free to scratch them out if they are distracting!)
Lord, help me to remember and live by these facts about you…


Day Two:
Lord, You lowered Yourself by becoming a slave and washing our feet (and so much more). Help me…


Day Three:
Lord, have I overlooked a neighbor who needs compassion? What…


Day Four:
Oh Lord, help me understand this NEW command! I want to live the blessed life…


Day Five:
Lord, I want you to make Your home in me. In order for that to happen, there are some things I need to clear out…

Loving YOU first means…


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