Take Wing

Posted on: December 11, 2013 Written by
Take Wing
  Picture Praise Photography by: Sue DeVries        

We were flying out of Cairo over the Mediterranean at the end of an amazing time of seeing God work through us and others.  I was feeling a great sense of relief and exhaustion, mingled with gratitude. As I saw the sun glinting on the wingtip of the airplane, it reminded me that God had precisely proven his promise: His hand had led me and held me, even in the uttermost parts of the world!


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My name is Susan Bergman De Vries. I left the United States in 1968 on my first summer missions trip, left again as a young wife in 1972, and have since then lived in Ghana, Costa Rica, Mindanao (Philippines), Kenya, and now Cyprus in the E.U. We have 3 daughters, born on 3 different continents, and now all 3 and their husbands are working in 3 different missions, in Mozambique and Brazil. All 10 of my grandchildren speak Portuguese (or will when they learn to talk) which my husband and I do not. Bummer, huh?

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