Global Woman Highlight | Lindsey Berry

Hi!  My name is Lindsey Berry.  I am a wife to Blake and together, God called us on a journey: a journey of healing, a journey of leaning, a journey of growing, and a journey of faith, hope and love.  You can be a part of our journey with us by visiting our website:


My husband and I work with Wycliffe Associates, doing our part to help accelerate the process of Bible Translation in Gemena, Democratic Republic of Congo.  My husband is the program manager and construction supervisor, partnering with a National Translation Organization.  He is remodeling their current facilities, from a warehouse with only one outside window and door, to a comfortable place for the Translators to do their work.  As an accountant by trade, I do the finances for the project, along with using my accounting skills to help within ACTOBA and the rest of the Gemena community.


In addition, I can’t live without following my biggest passion of doing purity studies and abstinence training with girls between the ages of 15-18.
Pray for me!  I am trying to “fit in” and I regularly make mistakes :).  Pray for the young girls I am trying to reach, teenage years are hard enough, and abstinence is not a cultural norm.


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