Due to security reasons, I am unable to give my actual name but will instead refer to myself as Junia. I am a 30-year woman serving with a small church planting team in a majority Muslim country in Europe. My team consists of a young married couple and I. Before coming to the field, I was a middle school band director. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that I absolutely loved my job, but there was no denying the fact that my loving heavenly Father was leading me overseas. I have now been serving in this context for four years.


Our mission is to make disciples through being catalysts of a church planting movement among this unreached people group. Seeing the countless needs here, we are constantly reminded that this can and will (Is 61:11) only be accomplished by God. So, my first responsibility is both to pray and to raise up people to pray for this ministry and for us. My second action is to do whatever I can to search for the people of peace (Luke 10) who, by the grace and power of God, could spur on a movement. My “seed-tossing” activities have included everything from organized efforts, such as teaching English and performing with local musical groups, to engaging in conversations with people at my favorite cafes. Upon finding these spiritually-minded people of peace, my third response is discipleship: walking alongside them as they discover who God is through discovery bible studies. And finally, my fourth responsibility is to train others to make disciples. One of my main goals here is to work myself out of a job!


Even though as a team are currently considering engaging in village ministry, the majority of my time is spent in an urban setting.


  1. For breakthroughs in the spiritual realm (Eph 6), thus shattering the darkness that hovers over the city and country. Traditionally, a place known to produce little to no spiritual fruit, we’ve seen people responding to prayer and reading the Bible like never before.
  2. For God to intersect my team and I with people of peace: (Luke 10): people who are already seeking God when we meet them and will in turn impact those around them.
  3. For wisdom as I lead a small youth group through a discovery Bible study, and that the seeds planted through this ministry would blossom and multiply. Historically, this group has consisted of roughly half non-believers, many coming from Muslim families. We finished a chronological study last year and and are now focusing on the words of Jesus.
  4. For me- that my heart will be filled with joy, peace, and hope in the midst of a very dark spiritual climate, especially as the dark winter months approach.


Thank you for being a part of further spurring me on to love and good deeds!


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