My name is Tracy Batchelor. I live and work in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala with my husband and three daughters. We came to Guatemala in July of 1996 and like most young cross-cultural workers starting out, we just knew we were going to change the world. Seventeen years later, I realize it was my world that was changed.

Over the years we worked in various areas of ministry including church planting, pastoral care, children and youth ministry and small groups amongst others. Our hearts cry though, is to empower believers and equip them so they can fulfill the call of God on their lives. We have found that the most effective way to do this is through relationship, opening our lives and sharing what God has taught us. We strive to lead by example, train others to share God’s love in practical ways, to exalt God in all we do, and keep Him first. We have been blessed over the years to see many young leaders and pastors step into their place in the body of Christ and are looking forward to seeing this expand in the future.

Apart from working with leaders, we also support the CANICA home for orphaned, abandoned and neglected children. CANICA is located in San Marcos about an hour and half from our home and was founded by one of the churches with which we are connected. We have fallen in love with these precious little ones and spend time there as often as we can. And although to many this may seem outside our vision and calling, we know that there are future leaders in that group, and we desire to make sure they are given every chance to reach their potential as well.

We ask you to pray with us as we are presently opening a ministry house. The house will serve a dual purpose. 1. It will provide a place for housing short term teams. 2. It will give us a location for classes and bible studies. We were blessed with the perfect location, but there is still a lot to be done to get the house up and running. And also pray with us as we train and equip the leaders and pastors that God has placed in our path.


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