Thank You to those who sent the volunteer team to care for the women who came to our two retreats. Thank you for praying and giving so we could be here. Our First Retreat Attendees wrote this thank you note to the volunteer team and we think it is for you, too.DSC02732

Thank you for loving us. Thank you for listening to our failures, our successes and our complaints. Thank you for touching our hair, rubbing our backs, washing our feet, pampering us, and making us obsessed with color!!

Thank you for being willing to wear the same thing over and over again so you could pack chocolate chips for us and other amazing goodies!

1377097_10201659593604484_1360342835_nThank you for joining in our suffering of jet lag, of humidity and of language  confusion!

“What you have done to the least of these you have done to me.” We know that we are the least and you have done this for Jesus! You have loved us like only a servant of God could because we are leaving this place not thinking how much you loved us, but rather how much God loves us through you!!

Signing off for our wonderful team,
Mary Ellen (photographer) and Linda