2013 SE Asia Retreat | Our Speaker

Today’s Post written by  our speaker, Sue Eenigenburg

DSC01075I am not an adventurous person. So I think it is amazing how God has brought me through 27 years of cross cultural experiences demonstrating to me his faithfulness, goodness and compassionate care along the way. The Word of God has been my anchor in the midst of transitions, challenges, sorrows and joys. It is an honor to be able to share some of what I learned with these ladies.

As a young adult whenever I heard a person speak, I assumed they had it all together because they were teaching in front of people. The excellent speakers and the gifted communicators were somehow a step above the rest of us. I wanted to be able to do what they did, but could never picture me having it all together!

Now that God has given me opportunities to speak I realize, of course, that is not true. I realize we are all growing in our faith, we all have challenges and trials and we are all weak. It is only in the Lord’s strength and by his power that we are able to do anything at all.

DSC01081Some of the volunteers I have met this week have shared with me their love for being deeply involved in the study of God’s word. They all are passionate about serving him wherever our Father puts them in this world. They are eager to minister to others with the gifts God has given them. They are already involved in ministry– growing, serving, loving others where he has called them. Now they are ready to do the same here for this wonderful group of women!  It is a delight to serve here with them.

I am looking forward to meeting the global women who are coming to the retreat. I know they have amazing stories to tell of how God is using them, what he is teaching them, and all they are learning as they serve him where God has placed them.

It is a privilege to share with them from God’s word and my prayer is that we would be encouraged, blessed and refreshed as we worship and learn together. I see this as an amazing opportunity, a strategic ministry and a true responsibility.

This is a time to invest in the lives of 80 women who work among least reached peoples of the world. I look to God to guide me in my words for his glory and his people’s encouragement. Only eternity will exhibit the outcomes of our time together. We look forward to that day with hope. Until then, may each of us be faithful to fulfill his purpose for us in our generation and know that He works through us knowing we don’t have it all together. When his strength shines through our weakness, He receives the glory and that is as it should be. He is worthy!