My name is Sarah Deal. My husband’s name is Shad and we have two boys, Braden (6) and Brice (3). We have been serving with New Tribes Mission since 2005 (overseas since 2007).

We minister in the Asia Pacific region. Our family ministers to new cross-cultural workers by orientating them to our field and helping to equip them for future service cross-culturally. I serve as a National Language Consultant and my husband serves in finding and keeping up housing for our new cross-cultural workers. We both serve as coaches, coming alongside new cross-cultural workers to help them through the realities of culture shock and adjusting to their new lives in cross-cultural ministry.

We appreciate your prayers for balance in the many facets of our ministry. We desire to disciple national believers, be a light to those who have yet to believe, as well as minister to our fellow cross-cultural workers here. We also desire to grow as a family ever closer to our Savior and raise our boys to know and walk with Him. As a mother of young children as well as a cross-cultural worker with an often “full-time” ministry, I often feel the strain of knowing how to spend my hours. Please pray that I would cling to Psalm 16:11—HE will show me the path of life, in HIS presence is joy!!


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