Global Woman Highlight | Jean Floyd

Posted on: September 19, 2013 Written by
Global Woman Highlight | Jean Floyd

My name is Jean Floyd. I am a church planter and homeschooling mom in rural Paraguay

After fourteen years in our previous town where there were no believers, there is a viable church plant, and many good friends.   Almost two years ago now, we moved to a new town to start a new church plant where, again, there are no believers.  Pray for our neighbors in our new town to have an insatiable desire to know God!  And pray for wisdom for me to juggle church planting with homeschooling our boys who are 13, 10, and 8 years old.


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Jean and her husband Tony have been church planters in rural Paraguay for 15 years. They have recently left their first church plant that is thriving on its own and are starting again in a new town where there is no gospel witness. They have three boys ages twelve, nine, and seven.

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  • Claudia

    God bless you, Jean, in this immensely important ministry – church planting and homeschooling! Great picture.

  • Kandake

    Dear Lord, I pray that you will give Jean wisdom as she seeks to serve you in church planting as well as raising her boys to be loving, mature followers of Jesus Christ. They are living in a remote place with no fellow believers. Loneliness can be heavy and I ask that you would make that burden light for Jean, Tony and her boys. I pray that you would make them shine like stars in the night sky, beacons of hope to the lost.

  • Mirjam


    my question is, is it possible to homeschool in Paraguay and what are the conditions?