This field is close to home. The farmer faithfully ploughed the field and prepared it. So beautiful!

I often walk the dog there. Spring delivered late this year. We are hoping, waiting in eager expectation for earth to break open in fresh green…

For more than 20 years now we, and those who came before us, have walked the land, prayed, given, sacrificed, waited in eager expectation. Our spring came and we bought a piece of Belgium soil! It used to be a gym for keeping the body in shape. Through prayer, physical labour and personal sacrifice we now celebrate in our new church home in the city of Brussels where we connect with God to keep the spirit in shape so that we can connect with people. We continue to wait with eager expectation for that special day in the future when the whole creation will be redeemed. But for now, we bring who we are, give thanks and walk out into our community with what He gives, eagerly expecting Him to break open and multiply with joy.


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