Hi!  My name is Brenda Matthews.  I’m Canadian and I’ve served with TEAM since 1984 starting in Venezuela.  The last 3 ¾ years I’ve been in Piura, Peru.  To relax in Venezuela, I loved skin diving and sometimes photographing the tropical fish, coral and other underwater life.  In Piura I’ve moved above water to photographing the birds of the park onto which my apartment opens.  In the last month or so I’ve photographed and identified about 35 different species just from my apartment!  I’ve got some great iguana shots as well…and a squirrel doing a somersault.

I’m involved in church planting.  My favorite ministry responsibilities are guiding small groups, Bible studies with individuals, teaching children’s classes, leading worship, and sharing my faith.

Piura is in the desert of northern Peru about 45 minutes from the coast.  It’s a growing city of almost 1 million people and the department (province/state) of Piura is the least evangelized of Peru.

Please pray for wisdom, insight and discernment as I counsel people, and in decision-making, and in dealing with problems in the church.  Also, I’m trying to encourage the believers to be evangelizing.  Please pray that I don’t get discouraged by the apparent apathy in those who have been believers for a while and that the Lord guide me in my part in this endeavor and that the Holy Spirit changes hearts (of the believers and in conversions).


@2013 Thrive