Hi, I’m Tiffany.

I work as a linguist/translator in training! That means I have spent the last three years – and anticipate spending about one more – studying. Studying how to learn to speak a new language. Stretching my brain in formal university classes. I’ve learned about things like how grammar works across languages and all kinds of big major or small intricate ways grammars can be different. Other classes have touched on subjects like how to translate a word which has no equivalent in the language being translated into. Or what to consider if it has three or four words which people might think of as equivalent. Now I’m doing research on a language which has hardly been studied by outsiders, and whose speakers are interested in developing their language further.

I do my work from a comfortable little home, clustered together with some neighbors among scattered fruit trees, surrounded by rice paddies here in Southeast Asia.
Please pray that I’ll be humble in my life – relationships, work and whatever I may encounter – and know that any and every ability, insight, victory and other good gift come from God. Pray that I will have a great confidence in the fact that he freely gives these and will fully equip me for each work, each situation, each relationship. Please ask that I would seek and love him above all.


@2013 Thrive