This photo was take in Wales down a cliff where a hermit monk built a tiny stone house. The waves were really crashing! We had to climb down to get to the house which was squeezed into a ravine so the rain water just ran through the house! Cold, wet and dank! But on the other side we came out on a grassy ledge and the waves were crashing all around right below us!  That whole trip we saw lots of castles built of stone like this rock. The waves and weather beat at them but they were still there.
It brought to mind a couple of things; the people who resided there, whether in a stone hut or castle turret, are gone. Our lives are so short! “Show me, Lord, my life’s end and the number of my days; let me know how fleeting my life is.” Psalm 39:4
And the waves crash so loudly and violently but the rock still stands. That monk built his house on a rock and it still stands. Our God who is so mighty created both! So much greater is He than all the violence of the waves!  He is our rock!
The waves were so unrelenting, they just kept crashing!! It was loud and drowned out the bird’s songs! You could not hear anything else! Sin tries to wear you down with it’s constant noise and presence. It tries to drown out all other songs.  After a while I just wanted to leave the crashing waves so I could hear again.  I wondered about that monk. Did he go there to drown out the world so he could hear God better?  Did he go there for penance? To drown out the guilt inside? What was he doing there? What drove him to live in such extremes?


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