Global Woman Highlight | DeAnna Anderson

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Global Woman Highlight | DeAnna Anderson

I’m the wife of a wonderful man, who has a large job with much responsibility.  I’m a proud mother of two terrific, energetic boys.  I grew up in a rural area in Missouri and am thankful to have helped on my grandparents farms; it was great preparation for living in Yaoundé Cameroon. I worked at a school for missionary children, however, now I homeschool our youngest son. 

It’s been a tough year with many new learning curves.  I would appreciate prayers that I continue to see His face in the midst of the curves.


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  • Kandake

    Deanna, I also worked for a missionary school as the school secretary and homeschooled two of my kids. It is not an easy combo. Is this your first year homeschooling? How are you finding it? I would be curious to know in what ways farming helped prepare you for Cameroon? God is so amazing. He uses our past experience that we thought were in no way significant to the ministry to minister to others, not to mention just survive. 🙂