I am a child of God whose heart was captured by God’s love when I was 13. God called me to go to Siberia and share the Gospel with the lost nations of the North. I am married and homeschool our two boys, Steven (10) and Jonathan (9). I am pregnant and expecting our third child by the end of the year. We have been in ministry for 20 years now.


Our vision is a “multiplying indigenous church in every nation of Siberia”. We accomplish this first by recording the Gospel message in the native language. Then we encourage any local believers in building the kingdom of God, and also assist any missionary families who need counseling and encouragement. There are around 40 native people groups.


We live in a house 3km outside of Krasnoyarsk in the center of Siberia. From here we take our trips to the people groups. We also host believers and missionaries who need a break from the harsh village conditions.


Please pray for:

– endurance, protection and maintained vision for the work. 

– wisdom with homeschooling and safe pregnancy.

– daily close walk with the Lord.


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