His Name

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His Name
        Picture Praise Photography by: Tracy Batchelor, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala  


One day I was ending my devotion time and I walked out on the balcony of the home I rent here in Guatemala. As I looked at the view, the same view that I see everyday, I was overwhelmed by the greatness of our God. I wondered how many times I had seen this same mountain and these same fields and just overlooked the awesomeness that it represents. Our God, the one who knows my name, the one who called me to this place, He formed these mountains and created these landscapes. He took the time to create the diverseness and the beauty that is all around us and nature declares His glory. That morning I just stood there a few extra minutes to thank God for His creation. I pray that I may I never cease to see His greatness in all that is around me.


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Originally from Georgia, I have lived and served alongside my family in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala since 1996. Our goal in ministry is to prepare the local believer to fulfill the call of God on his/her life and become a productive part of the Body of Christ. We want to lead by example and train others to share God’s love in practical ways, to build disciples through relationships and to always exalt God and keep Him first. We are able to do this through teaching in bible schools and seminars, networking with local pastors and through one on one mentoring. I have 3 daughters who are growing up on the mission field and an amazing husband of 24 years.

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