2013 Summer Colorado Retreat | Meet You in Colorado

“A friend wrote me, knowing I had left Thailand in heartbreaking circumstances and told me that I should attend the Thrive retreat.  I wrote her back telling her that I had coveted attending a Thrive conference for 20 years.  I registered and had 12 days to pay the $125 registration fee and everything extra we had went to food for our family.  I said ‘okay Lord, I am going to lay this out as a fleece for you and you’re going to have to provide money in a way that is very direct because the extra we have goes toward food/clothing.’ The deadline came and went and I grieved that day because the money didn’t come.


Three days later I got an email that there was an extension on the deadline.  I promptly reminded the Lord that there was an extension and He still had time.  The next day I was making a Thai meal and I ran upstairs to change my contacts because my eyes were burning.  I glanced into my bedroom I saw an envelope that had “meet you in Colorado, Love God” typed on the front and $125 cash inside.  I stood in my room and cried.  I went downstairs and asked my husband and six sons about the envelope but nobody had a clue where it came from.”   Cathy Wimble, Retreat Attendee


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