2013 Summer Colorado Retreat | THEY’RE HERE!!!!!!!

“Welcoming the attendees was so much fun.  It felt like opening up gifts at Christmas. The women are so excited and ready! It is totally energizing me.”  Cindy Wallwork, Retreat Volunteer

“The first day of the retreat is finally here.  We welcomed fifty-six ladies from thirty-six countries and thirty-nine sending agencies.  These global women are on home assignment in the US and very familiar with airports, transition, moving and change.  Home for them is hard to define.  Lorrie opened our time with a definition of home that I love: Home is a place where you are wanted and waited for.”

“I loved seeing the women’s faces light up as they sensed that their stories (with all of their joys and struggles) are truly welcomed and cherished in this place.”   Ruth Ann Roney, Retreat Volunteer

“God’s presence permeated the room as our hearts and voices were lifted up in worship and praise. Women were overwhelmed by His Presence in their personal time alone with Him that followed.” A Retreat Volunteer



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