2013 Summer Colorado Retreat | Group, Gifts, and Giggles

It has been fun getting to know the entire group.  Today we spent time in worship, went through logistics, and learned how to lead our small groups well.  We also spent time praying for the attendees.  Giggles could be heard throughout the hotel as we worked together preparing the gifts for the attendees’ arrival.  We have enjoyed our meal times – most of us have cheated on our diets multiple times!  We figure calories don’t count when you’re with friends. – Kristy Wacek, Retreat Volunteer, Minnesota

“What an awesome camaraderie it was assembling gifts – and before we knew it, everything was finished, y’all” – Vada, Retreat Volunteer, Texas


07-01-13-RB-photo-2 07-01-13-RB-photo-3.jpg


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