Global Woman Highlight | Crystal Henry

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Global Woman Highlight | Crystal Henry

Hi, my name is Crystal. I have lived and worked in Thailand along with my husband and children. We are currently in the States raising support in order to get back to Thailand!  I am mostly a student in the Lord’s school! This includes being a wife and mother as well as seeking to share the gospel with those who have never heard the Good News of Christ! Our primary focus is seeing churches planted where there currently aren’t any.  At this moment, we are in the States, but we are hoping to be back in Thailand in the fall. We worked in Bangkok our first term and are heading to a different part of the country, starting a new work.

Pray that we would trust our great Lord to return us to Thailand in His perfect timing, for us to be patient and joyful in the waiting…and for the remaining support we need. We are at 75 per cent. We also need prayer for more teammates. We currently have one Thai teammate joining us (for which we are SO thankful) but we recognize the need for more people to help in the work. Because of the nature of where we are going, we recognize that we are going to be challenged in many new ways. Please pray that we would rest in Him in those challenges. Pray for our children to adjust well to living in Thailand again and pray for much grace and patience for all of us!


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  • Claudia

    Bless your heart, Crystal. You have many challenges ahead (and at present!). We are students in the Lord’s school, as you put it! He continues to teach us through the ups and downs, and aren’t we glad He does! I’ll pray for you as you continue toward the admirable, full-of-rewards-to-come goal of bringing the Gospel to Thailand.

  • Kandake

    Dear Lord, Crystal and her family are in a very trying place right now, between cultures and between assignments. I pray that you will meet her in this between time. Father, they need 25% more of their support. I pray that even today you will stir the hearts of people to give to your work in Thailand. I also bring before your throne of Grace Crystal’s children. I pray the transition back to Thailand will be smooth and enjoyable. Thank you for what you will do for Crystal and her family. Amen.

  • Anthony Lee

    Praying for your team!