Global Woman Highlight | Beverly Mosley

Posted on: June 13, 2013 Written by
Global Woman Highlight | Beverly Mosley

I am a single missionary from Texas.  I work in Papua New Guinea as a Bible translator for the Onobasulu people.  My main two prayer requests for now are that I am low on financial support, and my mom needs further recovery from heart surgery so that I can leave her well for my return to Papua New Guinea.  Thanks for praying.


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    Dear Lord, We know from your Word that you desire all people to know you. Thanks for Beverly’s willingness to help the Onobasulu people to have your words in their language. God she needs some of your resources to help fund her work. I ask that you would miraculously provide additional funds so that she can return to PNG. Lord, I also ask that you would give healing to her mother so that when the time comes for her to return to work she will have peace. Bless her mother for releasing Beverly to your continued service. Thank you Lord. Amen