I came from a missionary home, growing up in Latin America, and I asked Jesus into my heart at the age of three (yes, three!). By my first year of high school, I knew the Lord had called me to the field. After college, my husband and I headed for the field, where we raised our three sons and daughter. Our older two sons live stateside, and we just welcomed our firstborn’s bride into the family. For the last seventeen years, we have served the Northern Pame people of San Luis Potosi, Mexico, in the area of Bible translation primarily, but also serving them and others in the areas of literacy, training, linguistics, and leadership.

In Mexico, approximately 280 spoken languages exist today, which belong to three major groups: the Aztec, the Mayan, and the Otomanguean. The Northern Pame is part of the latter. They farm cash crops such as corn and sugar cane, daily interacting with the larger Mexican culture and Spanish language. We have been privileged to see the Lord work in amazing ways as we have walked through the process of collaborating with the Pame to translate the Scriptures.

What God has done in our lives and for the Pame is directly attributable to prayer. Early in our career, my husband and I were much struck by the direct correlation between daily prayer and victory on the field. We clasped hands over coffee every morning, knowing we joined our prayer support team back home, and laid our plans before the Lord. I cannot describe all the many ways we got to see the Lord open doors, turn hearts, smooth paths, and provide above and beyond what we could ask or think. God will see His purposes through to completion.

So, pray with me for the Pame people, that they would come to saving faith in Christ and would see God at work in their society and in their individual lives. Pray for the Pame translation and literacy team, that they would continue to grow in their walk with the Lord, develop even more as translators of the Word and leaders among their people. Pray for us, our family, as we see projects nearing completion and the many transitions that implies. Also, join us in praising God for the many and amazing works He has done!


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