Global Woman Highlight | Pat Roseman

My name is Pat Roseman and I serve with WorldVenture in Spain. I was widowed in 2002 and made the decision shortly afterwards to serve the Lord overseas. I left behind two adult children, who have been incredible in their support of me and my ministry overseas. I have been in Spain for almost nine years and have just recently made the decision to return home to Denver, Colorado.

The first four years were spent providing administrative assistance to my colleagues in Spain in the area of leadership development through local church ministry and an online theology school that serves students across the Spanish-speaking world. The last four years have been spent at a school for missionary children, just outside Madrid, providing administrative support for the staff and faculty and sharing my life with the students when I can.

I would appreciate your prayers as I transition home. Serving overseas changes you, and I am coming home a different person than I left. I am concerned about picking up relationships with those I left behind, finding meaningful ministry, and trusting the Lord for future employment. I want to be able to finish well here in Spain and make the transition home in a way that honors the Lord. The missionary life is one of saying goodbyes, and now I am the one in the position of leaving those that I love behind and returning home. I would like to be able to be an advocate for those continuing to serve overseas and perhaps even help TCKs in some way. I am grateful for your prayers as I face the unknown and look to the Lord for my next steps.


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