Live Wisely

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Live Wisely
        Picture Praise Photography by: Joanna Coppedge  


Kids open SO MANY doors to share the gospel. We have been asked by Jesus to serve the last 7 years in a culture that does not value girls and often does not allow twins to live. In the past 5 years God has given us the gift of FOUR FEMALE CHILDREN!!! The third and fourth, a set of girl twins. Jesus is making the most of every opportunity to share His values of LIFE with those around us…what a bizarre family we are to our friends and neighbors, but when they ask why we love our girls and why we treasure our twins, we get to share His LIFE, HOPE, TRUTH!!! What great opportunities He has given!!!


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photographer: Joanna Coppedge, Uganda, East Africa. “After meeting at Asbury College and studying together at Wesley Biblical Seminary, my husband Billy and I have lived in northeast Uganda since 2006. Serving with World Gospel Mission we have been discipling local pastors and teaching others to use the tool of Bible Storying. We have four daughters who share in our ministry through child evangelism...Bible clubs, storying with moms and kids, and just living life with Jesus here in Arua. Our blog is”

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