2013 Spring Guatemala Retreat | Grief and Loss for Cross Cultural Workers

Loss is inevitable when one says “yes” to the call of becoming a cross cultural worker.  Many of our friends and family don’t understand the many losses we face.  Together we listed the losses and then discussed how we process and work through those feelings.  For example:  We lose our identity living in a different culture with a different language.  Hence we can’t communicate our deep feelings with others at first.  It takes time to find ourselves and our roles.  We discussed the signs and symptoms of grief and how that may lead to depression.   We need to identify when we need to get professional help.  We learned things we can do to prevent depression like go for walks, journal, or help others.  Several books were suggested to help us process grief.  One book suggested for children is entitled, Tear Soup by Pat Schwiebert and Chuck DeKlyen.

– Phyllis, Retreat Attendee