My name is Debbie Miller. First and foremost if I were to describe who I am I would say I am an ambassador for the Lord. I grew up in the church but somehow never understood the power of salvation until I was 18 and my best friend shared Christ with me over the phone. Since that day my life has never been the same. I received my mission call in Mexico as I picked lice out of the hair of young girls in an orphanage. I am the mother of two daughters who are presently studying Nursing at Indiana Wesleyan University. I am a missionary and wife of a Missionary-Pastor. Even though I have only two daughters that are my natural children I am blessed to have many daughters and sons that the Lord has sent into our home one way or another.

Bill and I have been missionaries for 27 years. After receiving our undergraduate degrees from Illinois State we started serving through Community Health Evangelism in Uganda, East Africa with a desire to see spiritual transformation take place. During this time we became convinced of the importance of the role of the local church in this transformation process. Thus, Bill went to the International School of Theology to obtain a degree in pastoral studies. During seminary we took a short-term mission trip to Argentina and then moved here and have called Argentina home for the past 18 years. For the past five years we have served through Global Service Network under a dynamic local church in Mendoza, Argentina called La Iglesia de Los Libres. Here Bill serves as Pastor of Evangelism, Discipleship and Missions. We are excited to be part of a local church that has a kingdom mentality and a global vision.

One of my (our) heart desires is that the Lord would use us to train and equip Argentines to go out as missionaries. The Argentine church is at the beginning stages of sending out missionaries to the world. My calling in His ministry is to come along side of women and walk with them through difficult moments to help them know, trust and be obedient to the calling the Lord has put on their lives as women. Bill and I have a heart for discipleship, helping young people mature in their faith. Much of our ministry outreach now takes place in a poor neighborhood, where drugs, crime, violence and prostitution are rampant.
First, I would like to express my deep appreciation for your desire to pray for us. I am convinced the battle is won on our knees. I will send a few prayer requests knowing the Lord’s Spirit will guide you as you pray for our family.

1. That each and every day we would put Christ first. That we would be filled and controlled by His Holy Spirit.
2. A strong close Marriage for Bill and I. That I would be able to serve my husband as the Lord would want me to as his faithful wife.
3. For our children, closeness even though we are on different continents. That our daughters (Maribeth and Katie) would put Christ first in every decision they make.
4. For wisdom in ministry. That the Lord would fill us with His discernment as we minister to others. That Christ would be glorified in our every action.
5. Protection as we are often in areas that could be dangerous.


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