Global Woman Highlight | Bryn Hauquitz

“My name is Bryn Hauquitz and I serve with CRU in Côte d’Ivoire, Africa. My husband and I have been here for about 3 years now adjusting to life and learning ministry with every step and failure. We have the privilege, joy, and challenge of meeting with college and high school students here in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire where we are blown away by their openness. It is still really hard for me to believe that we get to watch the Lord move so abundantly right before our eyes. It is incredible to watch life change through evangelism and discipleship.

We have three fun kiddos; Keenan who is 5, Elliot who is 3 and our little princess Lucy who is 14 months. As a mama of little ones, my time on campus is limited, but I do get to meet with some gals in my home and I love sharing life with them in that way. And although logically I can see the fruit before me as the Lord transforms lives and I see how the place we get to do ministry is like none other, I deeply fight times of loneliness and constantly feeling like the odd ball.

I would love prayers for the nearness of the Lord. Although I am a “missionary,” the times of loneliness seep into my heart and whisper lies that I am utterly alone, small, and forgotten. I just want to walk with Him well and intimately. I long to really show my kids what it looks like to be head over heals in love with our sweet Savior day in and day out and not just talk about it in devotions before bed. And I would love prayer that I would love others well. As we continue to live life saying goodbyes, heading to the unknown, and sticking out like a sore thumb everywhere we turn, it would be so easy to harden my heart to keep it from getting shattered, but that is the last thing I want. There are times when I am scared I am just playing the part, and I truly want to be loving others because of how crazy I am about the Lord and my dear Savior is crazy about them! I am grateful for the body of Christ and the ways we can stand side by side on opposite sides of the world and I am grateful for the prayers!!”


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