Life is fragile.

You never know

When tragedies come

Or when people will go.

Baby boy

Born too soon

You were so fragile-looking

Shiny, tiny, breathless, lifeless.

How I longed to hold you

But I was afraid

That I might break you more.

I awoke in the middle of the night

Realizing that I had not (held you)

And wept.

It was too late.

They had taken you away.

But I took solace in

The thought that Jesus

Was holding you in heaven.

I also knew

That after tests

You would be returned to me

For burial.

I hoped that then

I could hold you.

You were, and I did.

You were so small,

Lying in my palm

But strangely with more form,

So perfectly formed

For your age.

All the fingers and toes,

All the nails in place.

But no working heart,

No breath of life in you.

Isaac shared a feather with you

To play with in heaven.

The hummingbird watched

As we buried you,

Darting back and forth.

Emerald green, fading to black,

Piercing eyes.

He made me think of

Heavenly beings from prophecy.

He watched us the whole time,

Darting back and forth.

You reminded me

That life is fleeting

I need to enjoy

The children I have with me now.

For you are already

Enjoying the Lord,

And we will meet you someday!

My precious baby Reuben.

© 2013 Thrive.

Question to Consider: Poetry has the power to impact us deeply. How has this creative expression touched you?