Sacred Parentheses.

Divine.  Directed.  Thoughtful.

Purpose-Driven and Spirit-Filled.

God of History altering your walk—

The walk you thought was His intention forever.

This parting is a “sweet sorrow”

As was written long ago

Of two lovers´ supposed destiny and their ensuing separation.

A romance cut short.  A destiny stifled.

The knight in you rises up to protest—

But you hold your tongue

And kiss the hand of your King.

For He has spoken.

All the undone and unseen and unmet

Rise up before you.

They contrive to steal your focus,

Dash your heart,

And wound you in your God-journey.

But your Royal Leader,

The Captain of your life and times,


And He defends you from their onslaught.

And He turns to you to gently remind:

“All results are Mine—and I am not finished yet.”

“In the land you love,

I am still there.

In the unfinished dreams

I am still wooing and accomplishing.

I just need a little time

(only a parenthesis)

To weave your dreams into My history.”

Sacred parentheses,

Sent like an archer’s arrow

Into your heart and life.

Take the cup.

For you cannot see

The intentions of the God of history

Nor the purpose-injected destiny

He is unraveling for you.

© 2012 Women of the Harvest.

Question to Consider:    How has this creative expression encouraged you?