Lili Lessons

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Lili Lessons
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Lessons from baby Lili

Sometimes I feel like Lili

Wanting what is familiar

Thinking I need stimulation

Yet actually needing rest

I arch my back and cry loudly

Wanting someone to jump and run

I try to keep steadily in motion

Busy . . . active . . . distracted

When what I need is to be still and know

That I am safe and secure

With His hand holding mine

Hearing His voice

Letting my whole body relax in His arms

Feeling His peace

Letting His voice calm me



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Questions to Consider: Do you find time to rest? What has He whispered recently to you that has brought peace to your soul?

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R.L, a registered nurse, mother, grandmother, serves as a medical liaison for an organization that sends teachers to SE Asia. One of her favorite roles is being on the team of nurses that coaches and encourages couples who come to Thailand through the births of their babies.

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