We are happy to announce the newest addition to our staff team.

Meet Linda Swanson:

Linda is a valued addition to our office team having served as a missionary with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) for 28 years, both in Latin America and at MAF’s home office stateside. We were delighted to have her as our speaker for our Brazil Retreat in October 2011.  She has been serving with us as a retreat volunteer for the past three years.

As a speaker, writer, mentor and spiritual director, Linda meets “virtually” or personally with missionaries and pastors to accompany them on their spiritual journeys. She has also written three books to help with this process.

As a member of Paraclete Mission Group, Linda is able to serve with us remotely from New Jersey as a staff member. We value her skills, talents and experience to help us encourage missionary women. She is passionate about strengthening volunteer relationships and assisting with key ministry needs.

A warm welcome to Linda!

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