Micro-Loan Program Update:

We are excited to announce that 19 women are currently attending the Basics of Business course in Watamu, Kenya and have applied and been accepted for their micro-loans.

Partnership Opportunity:

Through your partnership, we provide a viable way to extend the love of Christ to impoverished women around the world.

How Can You Get Involved?  

“Adopt” a woman’s loan request by participating in this transformational program.  This is a great opportunity to involve your friends, church group and family to join you by providing hope and resources for impoverished women.
(Click here to Adopt a Loan)

New Kenya Group (February 2012)  

20 women are currently attending the Basics of Business course in Nairobi, Kenya and have applied for micro-loans.

Loan Amounts 

Loan amounts requested range from $186 – $433 USD.


This program allows missionary women to reach into the lives of national women they serve by helping them enhance and grow their businesses while sharing the truths of Scripture.  The results are transformational both for the missionary and the women she serves.

Celebrate With Us

We have received 100% re-payment from all of our previous loan recipients around the world! (See above photo.)

*If you are a missionary woman interested in participating in the HOPE Micro-Loan program, click here for more information.


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