Antsy to be Still

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Antsy to be Still
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Do you find yourself antsy?
Me too.

Do you struggle to hear God about the din of everyday’s responsibilities?
Me too.

And sometimes I even try to distract myself from the clear, still, small voice calling me to love those I find impossible, go where I dread and pull out habits that I’ve become fond of.

I’m currently living and learning Hindi in South Asia, making friends with my neighbors and learning how to better listen to God’s whispers. In the middle of crazy cows, invading bugs, different cultural cues I usually miss and too many awkward moments to number – I’m antsy.

I’m antsy because I want desperately to be still. I’m trying to ignore the things that don’t matter in favor of listening to the One who does.

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Sarah Kidd lives and works in South Asia, sipping chai, building relationships, and teaching English. In the middle of bellowing cows, invading bugs, and too many awkward moments to number she’s trying to find moments of silence in which listening is possible. She writes about her journey – the crazy and the quiet – at

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