Why choose me, Lord?

I heard Your call, but it came at such an unexpected time in my life.

Me, Lord?  You want me, now?

I thought in a couple of years okay, but now, right now?

Okay, I admit it is the perfect match.  You, me, the right country.

But me, Lord?  Who am I?  Nothing, not worthy.

Leaving my family and my friends for a country

and language I do not know, cannot speak—me?

I’m excited!  I’m here!  I’m HOME!

Thank You, Lord.

I have friends who understand this drive

to do Your work here under these conditions.

Until my friends back home are finding their mates from You.

Financial windfalls,

I’m trying to raise support

one dollar at a time, spend one more

lonely night at a time.

Me, Lord?

Exciting, wonderful blessings on the field.

Things others will never experience in their entire lives.

Winning souls for You, Christ!

I’m Yours, LORD!!!

Hard, absolutely.  Worth every minute, yes.

Thank You for giving me this life.

I Love You, Lord.

©2014 Thrive