A husband who is a good communicator, who can find?

He is worth far more than chocolate.

His wife has full confidence in him

and lacks nothing of value.

He brings her good, not harm, all the days of his life.

He washes dishes and puts the trash out,

And works with eager hands.


He is like a knight,

Bringing roses from afar.

He gets up while it is still dark

And prays for his family

And for the world.


He works on the mission field

And converts and loves them.

Out of his love he rescues the orphans and street children.


He sets about his work vigorously,

his arms are strong and give a good massage.

He sees that his children are well cared for,

and he does not withdraw his eyes from his beloved all night.


In his hand he holds the Bible,

and grasps the sermon notes in his fingers.

He opens his arms to the poor,

and extends his hands to the needy.

When the tsunami hits he has no fear for his household,

for they all know how to swim.


He makes furniture for the house.

He clothes his wife in fine saris and Punjabis.

His wife is respected in the city,

where she teaches the poor.


He helps the handicapped make stationery

and sells it,

and supplies the children with wheel chairs.


He is clothed with self-control and faithfulness,

He can laugh at his own mistakes.

He speaks with gentleness,

And faithful instruction is on his tongue.


He watches over the affairs of his home,

And does not eat the bread of laziness.


His children send him Father’s Day cards and call him ‘Superman.’

His wife praises him.

She says, “Many husbands do great things,

But you surpass them all.”


Big muscles are deceptive, and a full head of hair is fleeting,

But a man who fears the Lord is to be praised.

Give him the home he has earned,

And let his works bring him praise in the newspaper.

©2014 Thrive