My Heart Loves the One

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My Heart Loves the One
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I’ve heard of His deeds, but not seen His expressions

I’ve read His words, but not heard His tone

I’ve memorized passages of His touch, but never felt His hands

Who is this One I love?

My eyes long to watch the One I’ve never seen

My ears yearn for the voice of the One I’ve never heard

My arms ache to be embraced by One I’ve never held

Who is this One who is My life?

My mind longs to be challenged by His deepness

My heart yearns to express my love for Him

My soul aches to grasp His love

I miss the One I’ve never said good bye to

Oh one I watch, I’m here though unseen

Oh one I speak to, I’m heard though in the innerman

Oh one I hold, I am holding you though only sensed in the soul

Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.

Deep calls out to deep—I open your mind to know the unknown

I know—I know your heart, your delight, your life in Me

Love—I am love—just rest

You know Me, You experience Me, You love Me

Just in a way unknown to your world.

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Amber served Thailand over the last three years. She is now attending Western Seminary in Portland, OR pursuing a Master’s in Ministry specializing in Pastoral Care to Women. “Western Seminary has a unique ministry called Women's Center for Ministry that puts on conferences three times a year, usually two day conferences to equip women for ministry. I know I would have loved to take classes while in the States and thought it would be helpful for other women to know.”

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