There…I said it.

I cannot believe I said what I did and let those words spew out of my mouth.

There they lie stretched out in front of me, and everyone heard them.

What was I thinking?

What motivated me to speak such a detestable thing?


I feel sick.

My stomach is in knots, and I feel ashamed.

I knew I should not have said those unkind words, but I did.

Now I want to take them back.

I want to undo the destruction that my words will cause.


But it is too late.

I cannot take the malicious, brutal, and callous words back.

I am unable to reel back in the cruel terms that went so willingly out of my mouth.

I know they will injure and cause such pain.


What is the matter with me?

Why did I do that?

Why couldn’t I just keep my mouth shut?

Why did I feel I had to say something so dreadful?

I knew before I opened my mouth I should not say it.


But I did……


God forgive me!

Help me to curtail my tongue!

Help me not to gossip even when others are enjoying scandal.

Help me not to be vindictive with my words even when others around me are deserving.


Give me patience!

Give me grace and more grace.

Help me to accept people where they are and not try to change them.

Help me to not feel the need to try to make myself look better than others.


Father, give me Your love for people.

Grant me another chance to use my words to heal and restore, not to destroy.

Teach me to be a guardian of the hurting with what I say,

To use my words to build up and edify those who are needy.


May my words be full of Your love, Your grace, Your gentleness, and Your tenderness:

To bring restoration to the hurting…

Healing to the bruised and battered…

And freedom to those who walk in darkness and bondage.


Thank You, Father, for Your mercy that is new every morning.

Thank You, Father, that You can bring change into my life as I yield to You.

Thank You, Father, for not judging me as I deserve to be judged.

And thank You, God, for Your forgiveness.